Photovoltaic Track

Good Morning PV Session

Solar 3.0: Accelerating Market Adoption of Photovoltaic Technology
A. Truitt, SRA International and T. Tansy, SolarTech

Photovoltaic Project Development and Commissioning
A. Truitt,  J. McCabe and J. McVeigh, SRA International


The Global PV Scene: Are You Experienced? Session

Hybrid Solar Power in Afghanistan War Zone – Unique Engineering and Economic Factors
G. Sargent, Drs Technologies

An Analysis of Residential PV System Price Differences Between the United States and Germany
J. Seel, G. Barbose and R. Wiser, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Solar on State: A Guide to Implementation
N. Pratt and J. Crolly, Pennslyvania State University


How Do You Rate? Session

Comparison of the Photovoltaic Models in the System Advisor Model
N. Blair and A. Dobos, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and P. Gilman

Optimizing the Mix of Energy Storage & Long-Distance Interconnection as Solutions to Solar Resource Intermittency at High Penetrations of PV on the Grid
M. Perez and V. Fthenakis, Columbia University


The Transformers of PV… More Than Meets the Eye Session

Solar Cooling with Ice Thermal Storage
B. Magerman and P. Phelan, Arizona State University

Holographic Light Filtering with Photovoltaic Concentrator Systems
O. Zarse, Tucson High Magnet School

Corrosion in Solar PV Grounding and Bonding
P. Kovalov, Burndy


PV Testing… 123 Session

Surface Emissivity Effect on the Operating Temperature of Concentration Triple Junction Solar Cell
F. Alamri, College of Technology, Saudi Arabia and T. Mallick. University of Exeter, UK

How a DC Utility Meter Can Transform the U.S. Solar Industry
J. White, Chelan County Public Utility District

CPV Standards: Update of the Current Testing Standards & Future Developments
P. Robusto and S. Rai, Intertek


How to Enhance Your PV Performance + Bronx Design & Construct Academy Green Roof Session

Summary and Performance of Florida’s Sunsmart Emergency Shelters Program
W.Young, SunTreeFarm

High Resolution Performance Simulations and Shading Modeling of Sun-Tracking Photovoltaic Systems
H. Capdevila and A. Marola, Hcapdevila Independent Advisory Services, Germany; M. Azcue, University of Oldenbury, Germany

Performance Comparison of Fixed, Single, and Dual Axis Tracking Systems For Small Photovoltaic Systems with Measured Direct Beam Fraction
P. Logan and B. Raichle, Appalachian State University

Determining the Accuracy of Solar Trackers
M. Sabry and B. Raichle, Appalachian State University

Update: The Green-Roof Integrated PV Canopy Study at Bronx Design and Construction Academy
M. Perez, W. McGillis and V. Fthenakis, Columbia University; N. Wight, V. White and R. Figueroa, Bronx Design & Construction Academy

Sage-ly Solar: Online Math Tools to Teach Solar Energy
J. Ranalli, Penn State Hazleton and J. Brownson, The Pennsylvania State University

Silicon Multijunction Planar PV Cells
Y. Arbuzov, V. Evdokimov, D. Strebkov and O. Shepovalova, The All-Russian Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture