About ASES

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is the national membership organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

ASES has members in all 50 states and around the world, with regional and student chapters serving 42 states. ASES members are engineers, architects, scientists, researchers, educators, builders, planners and advocates who support the deployment of renewable energy technologies. Founded in 1954, ASES is also the United States Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and works closely with ISES to promote the use of solar energy technologies worldwide.

The ASES mission is to advance the use of renewable energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment.

The ASES strategic goals are:
• Ensure that federal, state and local policies support the  development and use of renewable energy;

• Advance research, development, demonstration and use of renewable energy technologies;

• Educate consumers about renewable energy technologies;

• Prepare the future workforce for the transition to renewables and support continued development of professionals currently in the field.

To support these goals, ASES operates the following programs:

• ASES publishes SOLAR TODAY, the award-winning magazine providing engaging articles on practical solar technologies. In addition to distribution to members, SOLAR TODAY is available by subscription (print and digital) and on line. SOLAR TODAY also produces the online newsletters Solar@Work and Solar Citizen.

• ASES sponsors the National Solar Conference. This conference showcases the state-of-the-art in solar technologies and features over 300 presentations.

• ASES sponsors the National Solar Tour in October each year. During the Tour, more than 150,000 people visit solar-powered homes and businesses across the country.

• ASES publishes briefing papers on the development of solar energy technologies. Written for non-technical audiences, these papers provide excellent background information for people unfamiliar with the field.

• ASES educates the public and local officials on renewable energy technologies.

• Solar Citizen alerts members when to write their legislators in support of good federal and state energy policy.

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