Resources Track

Solar Resource Applications Session

Surface Radiation from GOES Satellites: Improving Radiative Transfer in a Physical Model
A. Habte and M. Sengupta, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Progress Towards Deriving an Improved Long-Term Global Solar Resource
S. Cox, J. Mikovitz, T. Zhang and S. Sorlie, Science Systems & Applications; P. Stackhouse Jr., NASA Langley Research Center;  R. Preez,  K. Hemker Jr., J. Schlemmer and  S. Kivalov, State University of New York at Albany; D. Renne and M. Sengupta,  National Renewable Energy Laboratory; J. Bates and K. Knapp, National Climate Data Center

Wind Speed Estimation in Saudi Arabia Using the Particle Swarm Optimization
M. Mohandes, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and S. Badran, Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia

Photovoltaic Modeling with Bias Correction Using Demonstration Site Data in the Southeastern U.S.
J. Allen and R. Wang, Allen Analytics LLC and W. Hobbs,
Southern Company Service


Solar Variability Session

Deriving Cloud Motion Vectors From a PV Power Plant On-Site Sensors
J. Bosch and J. Kleissl, University of California, San Diego

Relating Solar Resource Variability to Cloud Type
L. Hinkelman, University of Washington; Andrew Heidinger, NOAA/NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research; M. Sengupta and A. Habte, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Volatility and Deviation of Distributed Solar
A. Goldstein, Yale; A. Thornton and S. Kerrigan, Locus Energy

Using Cloud Classification to Model Solar Variability
M. Reno and J. Stein, Sandia National Laboratories


Solar Forecasting I Session

Behind-the-Meter PV Fleet Forecasting
T. Hoff B. Norris and J. Dise, Clean Power Research; R. Perez, ASRC, University at Albany; J. Blatchford, CISO and O. Bartholomy and T. Vargas, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Operational Implementation and Evaluation of a Solar and Wind Integrated Forecast Tool (SWIFT) in the Hawaiian Islands
J. Freedman and J. Zack, AWS Truepower and D. Nakafuji, Hawaiian Electric Company

Comparison Between Several Parametrization Schemes in WRF for Solar Forecasting in Coastal Zones
I. López-Coto, J. Bosch, P. Mathiensen and J. Kleissl, University of California, San Diego

Recent Advances in Solar Variability Modeling and Solar Forecasting at UC San Diego
J. Kleissl, J. Bosch, B. Kurtz, M. Lave, I. Lopez, P. Mathiesen, A. Nguyen and B.Urquhart, University of California, San Diego


Solar Forecasting II Session

A Public-Private-Academic Partnership to Advance Solar Forecasting
S. Haupt, National Center for Atmospheric Reseach

Day-Ahead Cumulative Solar Irradiance Prediction Method Using Percent Cloud Cover Forecasts
W. Greenwood, F. Cheng, O. Lavrova and A. Mammoli, University of New Mexico and S. Willard, Public Service Company of New Mexico

Application of a Pyramidal Image Matching Scheme for Short-Term Cloud and Irradiance Prediction in the Hawaiian Islands
S. Young and J. Zack, AWS Truepower


Solar Resource Measurement Advances Session

Aerosol Turbidity Derivation from Broadband Irradiance Measurements: Methodological Advances and Uncertainty Analysis
C. Gueymard, Solar Consulting Services

Providing High Quality Data to Test and Validate PV Models
F. Vignola, R. Kessler, F. Lin and J. Peterson, University of Oregon and Bill Marion, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Graphical Analysis of Real Skies with the Clear Day Index: Using Penn State SURFRAD Data
K. Yates, L. Witmer and J. Brownson, Pennsylvania State University

SMUD-Neo Irradiance (SNI) Open Access Database
J. Bing, W. Thomas and  R. Williams, NEO Virtus Engineering; E. Sison-Lebrilla, O. Bartholomy and T. Vargas, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Web-Based Mapping Applications for Solar Energy Project Planning
J. Kuiper, Argonne National Laboratory; D. Ames, Brigham Young University; D. Koehler, Boise State University; R. Lee, Idaho National Laboratory and T. Quinby, National Renewable Energy Laboratory