Concentrated Solar Power Track

The Power of CSP Session

A Beam-Down Central Receiver for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production
N. Siegel, Bucknell University; I. Ermanoski, Sandia National Laboratories

Industrial Application of Concentrated Solar Heat: Exergy Analysis of a Theoretical Iron-Ethylene Production Process
W. Sheline, T. Hurst and S. Jeter, Georgia Institute of Technology

Feasibility of Various Small-Scale Low-Temperature Thermal Electricity Technologies
M. Petrov and M. Popa, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and A. Krothapalli, Florida State University

Utilization of CSP System for Tri-Generation of Electricity, Distilled Water, and Cooling/Heating in the Southern Part of Jordan
A. Al-Maaitah, American University of Madaba, Jordan

Applying New Method for Water Pumping Based on Solar Concentrating Technique
E. Seyfali, Kish Island Free Zone; P. Amini, Isfahan Science & Technology and M. Parnianchi, Bagher Al Olom Research Institute

Estimating the Effect of Selective Absorber on CSP-Collector Performance
M. El-Refaie, Cairo University, Egypt