Policy and Sustainability Track

Hard Challenges: Soft Costs Session

State Policy Staging to Optimize Private Investment in Solar Technologies
E. Doris, V. Krasko, and D. Steward, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

From the Trenches: Innovations in Distributed Generation Permitting
J. Tong, Clean Power Finance

Non-Hardware Cost Reduction Roadmap to 2020 for Residential and Commercial PV: Preliminary Findings
K. Ardani, S. Truitt, C. Davidson, and R. Margolis, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; D. Seif, J. Morris and R. Torbert, Rocky Mountain Institute

The Impact of City-Level Permitting Processes on Residential PV Installation Prices and Development Times
C. Dong and R. Wiser, Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Net Metering + New Finance & Policy Approaches Session

Smart Fit: Renumerating PV Electricity for the High-Penetration Long-Term
R. Perez, ASRC,University at Albany; T. Thompson, NYSES; T. Hoff, Clean Power Research; L. Rawlings, Advanced Solar Products; K. Zweibel, GW Solar Institute, GW University; P. Haldar, CNSE, University at Albany and R. Lewandowski, Direct Gain Consulting

A Vision of How Micro-Investments in Solar PV Can Create a New Class of Investors
S. Levy, Tennessee Solar Energy Association and K. Lutz, AMR Strategies LLC


Solar in Unexpected Places Session

Successful Solar Incentive Programs Grow Solar Penetration within Low-Income Communities
G. Nichols, District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and S. Greschner, Grid Alternatives

Farmers Co-op, Kalona, Iowa: America’s Most Progressive Utility?
L. Gamble, J. Collins, S. Fugate, Sustainable Living Department, Maharishi University of Management and W. McKenna, Farmers Electric Cooperative, Iowa

Using a Multi-Attribute Analysis to Evaluate Renewable Energy in Wisconsin
D. Wichert and K. Osborn Renew Wisconsin, Madison